Dr. Fin Accounting Services



The Brief & The Target Market

Dr Fin Accounting Services cares for the financial needs of everyone in the health care industry from physician groups, doctors, and dentists to optometrists, physical therapists, chiropractors, and many other types of healthcare practitioners. Dr Fin designs and implements effective business strategies for your practice while lowering taxes, reducing costs, and maximising profits. They provide tax reduction planning, profit coaching, benchmarking, and a wide variety of other specialised medical practice accounting solutions and consulting services.

Partners from a prominent accounting firm broke away from their old firm and started Dr Fin. They needed a website to demonstrate their niche expertise.

The Result

Since the launch of the new website and digital marketing strategy, Dr Fin Accounting Services has established a redesigned, cohesive brand.

We are actively working with the Dr Fin team on their continued growth strategy to establish niche expertise in their marketplace, reach their ideal customers and grow their practice.


What you guys have done is really amazing and it’s better than we could have imagined. And the quick turnaround that you did it in is really appreciated. We’re very happy with our new website. This website is a great complement to our general services accounting service website.

– Jack Waters of Jack Waters/Dr Fin Accounting Services