Franki Shades (E-Commerce Store)



The Brief

Franki Shades is an e-commerce store that wanted a fresh, fun, modern and elegant but functional website that could sell sunglasses and fashion eye-wear to their social media followers online.

Target Market

Their target market (ideal customers) are 16-28 year old females who are fashion conscious. They actively follow pop culture and frequently use social media. They like all things fashion-related things and like to keep up with ‘what is trending’.

They work with social media ‘influencers’ on Instagram and other sites to reach these ideal customers.

The Result

They wanted the website to showcase different styles, provide design and price information and allow for visitors to be able to purchase their fashion wear online.

Because they didn’t have a website before or any sort of online presence when they initially came to us all their content, graphics, design and logo ideas were to be done from scratch.

The result is They have taken advantage of our lead gathering system to build up their mailing list as well as achieving sales resulting from those leads and social media ‘influencers’. They have seen consistent growth in website traffic and in their email marketing list and this is reflected by the growing number of customers.



What you guys have done is really amazing and it’s better than we could have imagined. And the quick turnaround that you did it in is really appreciated. We’re very happy with our new website and are pleased to be continuing to work with you to implement further strategies to make us continue to grow.

– Franki from Franki Shades in Haymarket, Sydney