Sydney City Rooms



The Brief

Sydney City Rooms is a short term accommodation real estate agency based in Sydney, Australia. They are focused on travelers staying 3-12 months in Sydney wanting conveniently located, furnished rooms. They already had a website but it was out of date, the website wasn’t mobile responsive and didn’t look good on all types of devices. The original website was built on a free popular DIY platform.

They wanted a professional, clean revamped design with a new logo.

The Result

Chai from Sydney City Rooms reported that their new website has given their business are new air of professionalism, legitimacy and a more positive image towards their property owning clients. Clients take them more seriously and the website gives them new enquiries and leads on a regular basis. Chai continues to work with us to further fuel growth online.




I am most pleased with the quality of the website that has been designed by Digital Intuition. It does everything we need it to and more. We previously had a free website that we made ourselves which generated no leads whatsoever. Our new Digital Intuition website looks a 100 times better than our last site and gives our business way more credibility and a better image towards our prospective property owners.

– Chai from Sydney City Rooms